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Hello, My name is J.D. Fields and I am a Southern California native, now transpled once again to Texas. 

    After leaving my job in the nursing field in 2001, I started to focus on developing my art skills but this time in Acrylics.  

    When I am in my studio or outdoors I try to capture a feeling of a memory, a feeling of nostalgia, a little gesture of God's creation, an event or a moment in time past, rather than just simply recording a image in my paintings.

    Growing up I have been able to explored many different media- Fabric Art, Sewing, Crocheting, Oil Paint, Watercolor and Ink Painting and of couse drawing.

   This gave me the freedom to experiment and has help too teach's me to understand color, texture and form. 

    Since retiring and moving to North Texas with my husband and youngest son, I now have time to continue to study, experiment and learn my craft.


    J.D. artwork is in private collections in the UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and across the USA


(C) All copyright privileges retained by J.D. Fields. Downloading printing and crafes items prohibited by law. 

Pricing of art work 

I review my prices regularly every January-February. Last review was on January 2021